Sam Clark

Sam Clark was Mick's dad. He was born in Woodhouse, Leeds in 1912, the only boy in a family of 8 children. The family was poor and being the next to youngest he was mostly clothed in hand-me-downs from his sisters. He always said that while he didn't mind the dresses he drew the line at going to school in high heels. He left school at 14, worked locally and continued to indulge his passion for sport, becoming a very good rugby player, cricketer and footballer. At the outbreak of the war he joined the army and served in India and Burma with the Royal Artillery, always maintaining that the Japanese army surrendered to him in 1945. Sam married Ada in 1941 and after the war they brought up their family in Seacroft. He died in 2006, aged 94 and is fondly remembered by all who knew him. He passed on his sporting genes to his daughter and grand daughter and the ability to deliver the killer one-liner to his grand sons.

  Ada (Betty) Scorah

Ada Scorah was Mick's mum. She was born in Richmand Hill,Leeds in 1917, the youngest of 8 children. She enjoyed school and all her family and friends said that she was very bright but, although the school wanted her to take a scholarship, she had to leave at 14. She worked at Burton's after leaving school and married Sam Clark in 1941.While Sam was in Burma for four years during the war she wired tanks in an armaments factory. After the war they brought up their family in Seacroft where Betty became a keen and hard-working member of the congregation of St Richard's Church. In later life she had an active social life and through her dancing and walking groups made lots of new friends who became important to her and she enjoyed holidays, dances, fancy dress parties, trips to the ballet and walks with them after she and Sam had retired

She died in 2011, aged 93 and is fondly remembered by all who knew her.




Jane Elizabeth Scorah


Mick's Auntie Jennie was born in Batley in 1896. She was the eldest child and took the decision not to marry but to pursue a career in nursing. The constant stream of children born to her mother and grandmother and the poverty of everyone about her was a major factor in this course of action. She trained as a fever nurse, worked in several different hospitals and in 1936 was appointed Matron of Derby Isolation Hospital where she remained until she retired in 1952. After her retirement she lived in a large house in Matlock Bath and impressed Mick with her "posh" lifestyle and friends amongst the wealthy widows and spinsters of the area. She died in 1988.


Maria Meredith      

Maria (known as Ria) was Monica's much-loved grandma. She was born in 1900 in Tyldesley, was a carder in the local cotton mill (Caleb Wright), then a school cleaner. She retired from work to look after Monica, whose mother had to work full-time.  She was a great cook whose cakes were a local highlight, and Monica loved to watch her bake. She joined Monica and her mum every Saturday evening at the Tyldesley cinema (a choice of three- the Carlton, the Theatre, the Majestic)- her favourites were musicals and westerns.


Thomas Henry Scorah

Thomas  Scorah was Mick's Grandfather. He was born in Leeds   on 26 April 1875.   He was   raised   in Batley  and had completed his formal education by the time he was 10 years old - his first job was selling fish on Leeds Market. He married Ada Strafford when he was 20 and the couple brought up 7 children in Leeds, initially on the Bank and later near East End Park. He died in 1949 when Mick was 2.He had a profound influence on Mick as he  stimulated a very early interest in Maths by leaving the young Mick in the care of the local bookie while he went for his lunchtime pint.

Ada Strafford

Ada Strafford was Mick's Grandma. She was born in Batley on  14th March 1877. She was orphaned before she was 8 and  abandoned by her older brothers ,but managed to look after her older sister and work at a local woollen mill from this early age. She married Thomas Scorah when she was 18 and the couple brought up 7 children in Leeds, initially on the Bank and later near East End Park. She lived in the next street to Mick in his early years and had the luxury of a bath in the kitchen, otherwise Mick would not have had a bath until he was 9. She died in 1969 aged 92.




Sarah Jane Learman


Sarah Jane Learman was Mick's Grandma though she died before he was born. She was born in York on 28 February 1878, one of six children. The family moved to Leeds in about 1883 and before her marriage she was employed as a domestic servant. She married Sam Clark in 1904 and the couple brought up seven children (six girls and Mick's dad) in Scott Street, Woodhouse. She was remembered by her family with a mixture of affection, awe and terror as she ruled the family, and neighbourhood with an iron will and a very sharp tongue. She died in 1941.




 Elizabeth Clifton

Elizabeth Clifton was Mick's Great Grandmother. She was born in Market Harborough on 10th July 1855.Her father was a carpet weaver and the family lived in several places, including the West Riding whilst the   children were growing up. She had her first child, Thomas Henry Scorah   (Mick's Grandfather) when she was just 19 and went on to, reputedly, have over 20 other children. She married William Scorah in 1882 and the family lived in Batley.