The  table below lists the key names in our respective family histories.Each entry consists of the surname, the location, the approximate dates that the family lived in the location, the most recent person to live at the location and the direct descendants starting with the most recent.The people underlined are featured in the family history photo gallery.



 HOLT  Tyldesley 1870-Now  Monica  Renee,Maria, Charles Joseph
   Liverpool 1800-1870  Great Grandfather  Charles Joseph, Charles,Joseph, Joseph
  Huntingdon 1750-1800 GGG Grandfather Joseph, Joseph
 GLANCY  Tyldesley 1840-1900  Great Grandmother  Mary, Bernard
   Ireland Bef 1840   GG Grandfather  Bernard, Patrick 
 CAHILL  Ireland Bef 1840   GG Grandmother  Ellen,William


 Liverpool 1780-1870 GG Grandmother Mary, William, John Willan
CLOSE North Yorkshire 1640-1780


John Willan,Thomas,Myles,Thomas
 BLEASE  Liverpool 1770-1860 GGG Grandmother


PICKAVANCE St Helens 1700- 1800 GGGGG Grandmother Margaret,Henry,Joseph
 CLARK  Leeds - Woodhouse 1850-Now  Mick  Samuel, Samuel,Samuel
   Leeds - Holbeck 1790-1850  GG Grandfather  Samuel, William,James
 LEARMAN  York 1840-1890  Grandmother  Sarah Jane, William
   Strensall (nr  York) 1695-1840  Great Grandfather  Charles, Ralph, Thomas, Henry
 DIXON  Leeds  1815-1870  Great Grandmother  Sarah, John
 PECKETT  York 1840-1890  Great Grandmother  Jane
   Sheriff Hutton 1570-1840   GG Grandfather  Robert, Thomas, Robert, Thomas,John, Robert,Richard, Robert 
METCALFE  Sheriff Hutton 1807-1873 GG Grandmother Elizabeth
WARRENER  York/Wigginton 1790 - 1900 GG Grandmother Ann,Edward
LENG  Catton nr York 1730-1830 GGG Grandmother Jane,Edward,Edward
CREASER Wigginton,Acaster Malbis 1645-1847 GGG Grandmother Jane,Matthew,Thomas,Matthew,Thomas,Richard
MARSHALL  Raskelf,Kirby Moorside 1730-1850 GGG Grandmother Mary,Richard,William
 SCORAH  Leeds  1900-          Now  Mum  Ada, Thomas Henry
   Dewsbury, Hemsworth 1700-1900  Great Grandfather  William, John, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas
 STRAFFORD  Dewsbury, Wakefield 1750-1900   Grandmother  Ada, Benjamin, John, John
 CLIFTON  Leicestershire 1790-1900 Great Grandmother   Elizabeth, James, William
 ELLIS  Mirfield  1810-1900 Great Grandmother   Harriet, Benjamin
 WHITE  Horbury 1770-1850  GG Grandmother  Maria,John
 HEATON  Dewsbury 1730-1820  GG Grandmother  Betty,Mary,Adam,Thomas