Monica and Mick welcome you to their family website.

This website was a Christmas present to Mick from Ian many years ago. Setting up the site was the easy bit, providing some content that would be remotely interesting has proved more difficult. We decided to start with some biographical details and an overview of our family history. We've added some photos because we like them. So here's the biography bit.

Monica Holt was born and brought up in Tyldesley, famous for its cotton mills and mines: her roots are Lancashire Irish with a dash of Liverpudlian thrown in. She went to school in Bolton and Leigh and then studied for her teaching diploma at Mather College in Manchester. She met Mick at a college dance in 1966 and was won over by his sophisticated line in Yorkshire chat:  particularly his opening line "Do you know how much rhubarb grows in Leeds?"

Mick Clark was born in inner city Leeds and moved to Seacroft at the age of nine. He has Yorkshire roots: mill workers from south of Leeds and farmers from north of York. He went to Foxwood School and received a classic Seacroft education before moving on to Manchester University to study maths and Lancastrians. He met Monica at her college dance in 1966 and was won over by her beauty, legs and detailed knowledge of the off-side law. Realising he was not cut out to be an academic he opted to join the fledging Manchester computer industry and abandon his post-graduate research in Stellar Dynamics.

We were married in 1969 as an important contribution to resolving the Wars of the Roses and lived in Sale. Monica was a primary school teacher and Mick a computer programmer with ICL and Baric, a joint ICL Barclays Bank company. We moved to Mossley where our two sons, Richard and Ian were born. In 1975 Baric opened an office in Leeds and, after some arm twisting; we crossed the Pennines to Leeds where we had eight very happy years in Holt Park in the north of the city. Monica started teaching again, this time in adult education,  and attempts were made to educate Richard and Ian. We re-crossed the Pennines in 1985 when CMG acquired Baric and moved to Disley. Mick eventually finished up running the Manchester Office for CMG and retired in 2001. Monica taught more adult education, acquired a BA at Manchester Metropolitan University, taught in local schools, then gained a MA at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford and then lectured at Manchester Met until she retired.

Richard and Ian completed their secondary education at Poynton High School and whilst Richard took a history degree and teaching certificate Ian went to Art College at the start of his long road to writing and film directing - he can be found on They now have their own stories to tell.